• Fire Risk Assessment 2018

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Fire Risk Assessment in Staffordshire

Fire Risk Assessors in Staffordshire

Active Fire Management offers an exceptionally high quality fire safety legislation compliant Fire Risk Assessment service in Staffordshire that meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.

Looking for a compliant, high quality, low cost solution?

Active Fire Management have a proven track record history in the provision of the following compliant, high quality, low cost services:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment Review
  • Fire Safety Consultancy
  • Fire Safety Stratagies and Emergency Planning

Since 2001 we have been conducting high quality fire risk assessments and fire risk assessment reviews across Staffordshire that include housing associations, hospitals, hotels, shops, restaurants and public event venues. Renown for our ability to turnaround requests in a short time frame whilst still maintaining a low cost - high quality assurance process has earned us the respect of hundreds of customers nationwide.

Why choose Active Fire Management?

  • Over 20 years experience in providing fire risk assessments and training services to hundreds of nationwide customers.
  • Highly qualified fire risk assessors with verifiable experience and relevant qualifications.
  • Our Quality fire risk assessors ensure compliance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO).
  • In the last 12 months alone our Fire Risk Assessors have carried out several thousand fire risk assessments.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessors provide initial fire risk assessments for premises that have not recently been checked for risks.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessors provide on facts recorded by our Fire Risk Assessors.
  • We help to review your fire risk assessment to ensure you remain compliant with the Fire Safety Order and other legislation.
  • It's our turnaround time, Fire Risk Assessments and our reputation for fast, reliable, quality services that earns us customers.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessors carry out fire risk assessments anywhere in the UK, Scotland and Wales.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessors are supported by a quality management team that ensures our customers are receiving the best.